Radiation Oncology Services

No matter the cancer diagnosis, Palomar Health’s Radiation Oncology Services will provide you with friendly and compassionate care. Our team of highly-skilled professionals work together to provide you with the personal care you expect when you need it most.

The oncology team will create an individualized treatment plan for you using the latest in cancer-killing technology, the Varian TrueBeam Radiotherapy System. This truly futuristic equipment treats cancer anywhere in the body, including the lung, breast, prostate, head, neck, and brain.

Known for precision, this technology allows our expert physicians to deliver highly-precise and efficient doses of radiation to kill cancerous tumors while sparing surrounding healthy tissue. This results in fewer negative side effects and a quicker recovery. These technical advances can allow you to receive treatment faster than ever before, spending less time getting treatments and more time in your day.

Beginning in March 2019, Palomar Health moved Radiation Oncology Services to a brand new, state-of-the-art facility on the campus of Palomar Medical Center Escondido. The opening of our new facility came with all new equipment including:

  • $4 million Varian TrueBeam Radiotherapy System with Optical Surface Monitoring
  • HyperArc Stereotactic Radiosurgery, RapidArc volumetric modulated arc radiotherapy, and IMRT intensity modulated radiotherapy with on-board image guidance
  • Philips CT Simulator for precise tumor localization including 4DCT respiratory motion management
Treatment options
In collaboration with your physician, Palomar Health’s Radiation Oncology team designs a treatment plan specific to your needs using all the latest options, including:  

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