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Poway Birth Center

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Under our current COVID-19 visitation guidelines, we are allowing two visitors over the age of 16 in the room with the laboring mother. If you have chosen to hire one of the certified doulas in our community, she will be able to accompany you as one of your two visitors during labor.

We are constantly watching CDC recommendations and changing practice as needed, so keep in mind that things may change. 

For more information about our policies during COVID, please review our FAQs.

Our Services

Choose a comfortable, home-like birth center that offers:

Your Doctor – With You at Every Step

Get personalized care at the birth center from the same friendly doctor who has taken care of you and your baby throughout your pregnancy. Unlike hospitals where babies are delivered by whoever is available, your preferred doctor is likely the one who will be with you in the delivery room. Call 858-613-4276 or search online to find the right provider for you.

Private Birthing Suites

Enjoy the privacy and comfort of having your own spacious labor/deliver/recovery (LDR) suite. You’ll conveniently stay in the same comfortable room throughout your entire birth experience.

Relaxation Tubs

Relax in a labor tub filled with warm water to help lessen pain and reduce stress. We offer laboring tubs right in the privacy of your suite.

Your Care Team

Rest assured you’ll receive exceptional care from a knowledgeable team who treats you like family. You and your baby will also each have a dedicated nurse who focuses on your well being throughout your time at the birth center.

Invite Your Doula

Doulas are welcome to provide support and guidance during your stay at the birth center.

Wireless Fetal Monitoring

Fetal monitoring allows your care team to monitor your baby’s heart rate and your contractions during labor. You’ll be able to move around freely so you feel as comfortable as possible.

Visiting Policies

Rely on your care team to respect your wishes when it comes to visitors. Our staff will also make sure your loved ones are comfortable so they can provide you with support.

Your friends and family can visit the birth center at any time thanks to our open visitation policy. Only one visitor, who must be over age 16, may stay overnight. Comfortable sleeper chairs and pull-out sofas in the birth suites are available.

For your safety and the safety of your visitors, certain restrictions may be in place during flu season. Talk to your care team to learn more.

Meal Services

Enjoy a celebratory postpartum champagne toast and a nutritious meal after your birth. We offer delicious, healthy food and beverages from our room-service menu, and staff will bring them to you in the comfort of your suite.

Register to Deliver Your Baby

Fill out an online form, or download, complete and mail in the Palomar Medical Center Poway [PDF][NEEDS NEW ASSET /LINK] form to register to give birth at Palomar Medical Center Poway.

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Contact Us

Call 858-613-4276 to reach staff at the Poway Birth Center.