Palomar Home Health Rehabilitation Services

If you or a loved one are having difficulty functioning in your home, one of our Palomar Home Health physical, occupational and/or speech therapists are happy to meet your individual needs of function, mobility and activities of daily living following illness, injury or surgery.

Physical Therapy

If you are having trouble walking, getting out of bed or bathtub, climbing stairs or getting on and off the toilet, our physical therapists can help you gain your independence with these activities. We will evaluate your home and recommend equipment and/or modifications to create a safer home environment.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists will assist you to improve function in daily activities such as: bathing, dressing, feeding, and modified homemaking activities.

Speech Therapy

Our speech/language pathologists can assist if you have had a stroke, brain injury or illness, which resulted in a speech, communication or swallowing impairment, as well as with cognitive disorders.

While you are benefiting from our nursing care, you may also be eligible for our other services we provide:

  • Home Health Aide services can assist you with bathing and personal hygiene
  • Social Work services can help you cope with your illness or injury and provide referrals to beneficial other community-based services or discuss your financial concerns
  • Nursing Care
  • Telehealth Monitoring

If you are in need of our Rehabilitation Services, you may also be eligible for our Home Health Aide services to assist with bathing and personal hygiene. Social Work service may also be of benefit to assist you to cope with your illness or injury and provide referrals to other community based services or to discuss your financial concerns.

Contact or call us for any Home Health related questions at 442.281.3800 or 800.525.3010 .

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