Telehealth Monitoring at Palomar Home Health

If you have had heart failure, your doctor may order a Telehealth monitoring device to assist you in monitoring your vital signs, and teaching you how to take control of your heart health. At Palomar Home Health, we have a disease management program with Telehealth monitor devices which can be set up in your home and connected to your land line. Telehealth units monitor, record and transmit your weight, oxygen levels and blood pressure reading to a Palomar Health Telehealth nurse who will monitor the data daily, and report any unusual readings to your doctor.

In addition, questions specific to your health needs can be customized depending our your health needs.

Duration on the program is typically one to two months, or until the patient has stabilized.

While you are benefiting from telehealth monitoring, you may also be eligible for our other services we provide:

  • Home Health Aide services can assist you with bathing and personal hygiene.
  • Social Work services can help you cope with your illness or injury and provide referrals to beneficial other community-based services or discuss your financial concerns.
  • Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy
  • Nursing Care


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