Pathmaker Internship
- Level II

The Pathmaker Internship Level II program offers opportunities for college students and adults looking to enter the healthcare field first-hand experiences that they can use to make informed decisions about their future careers.

Internship Overview

The Pathmaker Internship Level II program is designed to provide a clinically-focused experience that gives pre-health students unprecedented access to direct patient care. Interns become valuable members of the patient care team alongside nurses, physicians and allied health professionals in inpatient and outpatient clinical settings.

Interns receive training to participate in basic patient care tasks such as bathing, changing and feeding patients as they rotate among the different departments within the district. As interns gain experience and additional skills, they are able to then attend shifts in higher-intensity departments, as well as experience more independence through our outpatient clinics.

Sample Departments

Level II Interns can gain access to areas of each facility based on their experience and standing in the internship. Some of these departments include:

Palomar Medical Center Escondido

Palomar Medical Center Poway

  • Acute Care

  • Intensive Care

  • Emergency Services

  • Rehabilitation

  • Recovery/PACU

  • Surgery

  • Pharmacy

  • Imaging/Radiology

  • Acute Care

  • Intensive Care

  • Emergency

  • Birth Center

  • Rehabilitation

  • Recovery/PACU

  • Surgery


Internship Requirements

If you think you might be interested in the Level II internship, please review the requirements below and visit our APPLY page for more information:

Minimum Hours per week

4 hours

Minimum Age

18 years

Total Clinical Hours for Program Completion

240 hours

Total time to completion (1 shift per week)

15 months

“My school promotes the program to it's pre-nursing students. They think it's a great experience and very helpful to confirm one's goal to enter the nursing profession.”— Nursing Student, California State University, San Marcos