Pathmaker Internship
- Level III

The Medical Interpreting Internship at Palomar Health provides pre-health students and adults who are fluent in Spanish the opportunity to provide a vital resource within our facilities, and facilitate safe, customer-centric communication between staff, visitors and patients.

Internship Overview

The Pathmaker Internship Medical Interpreting (MI) program is available for individuals fluent in Spanish to act as a liaison for communicating between patients and their care providers. Accepted Level II Interns who have indicated they are bilingual in Spanish will be contacted by our Interpreting team to see if they are interested in becoming an interpreter.

Once they indicate their interest, potential Interpreter candidates are required to pass a Spanish Language Proficiency Assessment and attend a 32-hour training provided by a Certified Health Care Interpreter, which covers the legal and ethical aspects of Interpreting, the mechanics of performing as an interpreter and Cultural Competency for interacting with Spanish-speaking patients, visitors and families.

While successful completion of the Medical Interpreting Training does not certify students as Medical Interpreters, it provides a portion of the required study hours necessary to pursue a future Certification in Medical Interpreting.

The Medical Interpreting Interns provide support at Palomar Medical Center Escondido, and while serving as an Interpreter, are also able to assist with clinical support (if they have completed the Clinical Internship Orientation)

Internship Requirements

A prospective Level III intern applying to the program will be required to serve their first rotation as a Level II intern, using that time to develop core patient care skills. During that first rotation, they will be required to pass a Language Assessment to prepare them for their Medical Interpreting roles in the second rotation. After three full rotations as a Level III Medical Interpreter, the intern will be able to return to a Level II capacity exploring different departments, or continue to serve as a Medical Interpreter.

In addition to passing the Language Assessment, Medical Interpreting interns are required to complete the following:

Interpreting Training

32 hours

Clinical Internship Orientation (if applicable)

16 hours 

Minimum Hours per week

4 hours

Minimum Age

18 years

Total Hours for Internship Completion

240 hours
- 1st Rotation (Level II - 48)
- 2nd - 4th Rotations (Level III - 144)
- 4th Rotation (Level II - 48)

Approximate time for Internship Completion

15 months

If you are interested in the Medical Interpreting Internship, please visit our APPLY page for more information on scheduling an interview.

"Through my experience as [an Interpreter]...I had to be the liaison between a family and a legal battle. I witnessed the passing of a patient and mourning the family incurred. I felt at home. Through the raw emotion witnessed, I found the beauty that lies within the walls of a hospital...I walked out of the hospital at night after my shift feeling like I had learned a lot more in my four hour shift than in one week of school. I could feel my knowledge increasing each shift. Despite any problems that happened, I always found a reason to come back again. This experience strengthened in me the desire to return to the site of humanity at its most real state.” – College Graduate, Future Medical Student

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