We hope the information provided will support a positive learning experience for both you and your students, and guide you in fulfilling our regulatory requirements. 

Nursing Instructors

Step 1: Online Orientation Modules

New Clinical Instructors

(including >12-month lapse in teaching at Palomar Health) 

Please enroll in the Nursing Instructor Orientation Course located on our Orientation Portal. If this is your first-time serving a rotation with us, you will need first need to create a free account.

Returning Instructors

•    Log into PPHOL and locate the Nursing Instructor Annual Clinical Modules Course 
•    Complete the current year’s annual safety course and accompanying modules as needed
•    Clinical instructors who have completed initial orientation and returning to teach within the same calendar are exempt from taking the annual safety exam.
•    Skip Step 2 and complete Step 3

Step 2: Classroom Orientation (New Instructors only)

New Clinical Instructors must attend an orientation prior to the start of their rotation. 
•   Confirm you have completed Step 1 before attending an orientation

Step 3: Resources, Procedures and Forms





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