Women's and Children's Care

At Palomar Health, we don’t just deliver babies. Our Women's and Children's Services delivers leading edge, compassionate health services for women of all ages, whether it’s preparing for pregnancy, getting a mammogram or providing health care for your children.

When women are aware of the steps necessary to keep themselves fit, and when they know where to turn to for information, they have a distinct advantage in living a healthy life. When they understand the challenges involved in fighting disease, they can put that knowledge into positive action. And when they know they can entrust their medical emergencies and concerns to professionals with exceptional experience and state of the art skills, at facilities with the most up to date equipment and strictest standards, they have the peace of mind in knowing they are doing all they can to regain their health.

Palomar Health serves the residents of San Diego County, and we are dedicated to creatively and effectively meeting the unique health needs of women and children in the community.

 Palomar Health  Certificate of Excellence Award

Awarded by the American College of Radiology Breast Imaging Center of Excellence

Center of Excellence in Advancing Minimally Invasive Gynecology Worldwide (AAGL) 

BETA Healthcare Group Quest for Zero Preventable Harm

PMCE - Tier 1 OB initiative for the sixth year

PMCP - Tier 1 & 2 OB initiative for the seventh year

Blue Distinction Award