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About Pressure Ulcers

A pressure ulcer is caused by prolonged sitting or lying (pressure) in one position long enough to cause damage to underlying tissue which erupts to the skin. The wound/ulcer may be very painful. It may drain a large or small amount depending on the level of injury. The most common sites for pressure ulcers are on the buttocks or heels. 

What to Do 

  • Change position at least every two hours.
  • Avoid lying directly on the ulcer.
  • Avoid sliding or dragging over the bed or chair,which may lead to more pressure damage. 
  • While in bed, lie at a 45-degree angle with pillows to support the back.  This avoids pressure directly on the hip. 
  • Place pillows under the legs to suspend the heels and eliminate pressure to them.  Do not place pillows
    under the bend of the knee. 
  • Encourage good nutrition and fluid intake to help heal the ulcer. 
  • Control episodes of incontinence so the ulcer remains clean and dry.



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