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About Diabetic Ulcers

A diabetic ulcer is a wound that occurs on the foot, heel or toes of people with diabetes. Many times, there is little to no feeling or sensation in the feet or to the ulcer itself. The skin on the lower leg or foot may appear normal, dry/flakey or reddened in appearance. Skin may be warm or cool depending on the status of the circulation to the lower extremities. Toenails may be normal or deformed due to fungal infections which affect of the nail bed of the toe.


What to Do 

  • Maintain good blood sugar control.
  • Inspect your feet daily.
  • Avoid over-the-counter products to treat foot conditions. (ie warts, ingrown toenails) these products can be dangerous to feet that have decreased sensation. 
  • Trim your toenails straight across. Seek out a healthcare professional if unable to trim yourself. 
  • Avoid cutting your ulcers or your calluses yourself. You may cause more damage to an already existing abnormal condition. 
  • Do not go bare foot. Always protect your feet both inside and outside your home. You may step on something and not know it. This injury can lead to a wound or worse an infection.  
  • Wear shoes that protect your ulcer and do not cause rubbing or pressure.


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