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About Lower Extremity Arterial Ulcers

An arterial ulcer is a round-shaped wound caused by impaired circulation and often seen on the legs or feet. You may experience pain to the legs after exercising or at night when your legs are elevated. Your feet may seem cold or cool to the touch. The skin on your legs may be pale on elevation and ruddy or dusky in color when down. The ulcer may be round in shape with even margins or edges. There may be an absence or decrease of the pulses in your legs.  

What to Do 

  • Stop or cut down on smoking. 
  • If you are a diabetic, maintain blood sugar. 
  • Make sure you receive adequate nutrition. 
  • Avoid shoes that rub on the area of the ulcer.     
  • Avoid crossing the legs.
  • Avoid clothing that fits tightly around the legs.


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